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Here we talk about the science of health and performance and have a major focus on the nutrition angle. Our content is geared for both lay and expert audiences without much in between actually. It’s our way of making sure basic health principles are covered with clarity for all levels of understanding, while ensuring curious minds have lots of advanced material to dig into.

For example, we have introductory videos to diet basics, such as this one on ketogenic diets called What is Keto?

Or more technical material like this podcast episode 21 (with show notes) exploring new research techniques used to more accurately measure meaningful biomarkers.

For a broader overview of our articles, videos and podcasts, here are some of our more popular topics:

Making informed choices is what we’re all about, which is why we write articles, put up podcasts and maintain a Q&A forum, all for free, in the hope that you’ll join our community to continue to the discussion.

Some of our podcasts your could get interested in:

Learning through a community is fantastic but should you decide to to go from theory to practice with health and performance goals, we can support your efforts through a paid service. (coming soon)

It consists of a tool tracking dietary data and other relevant data points about your health, like lab results, at-home blood glucose readings or heart rate data from the chest-strap you wore during your workout.

With that kind of data combined with our analytical support we can help you and your licensed healthcare provider make better informed choices regarding your health and performance.

Whether you’re looking for free expert opinion or are willing to pay for science-based support along your health or performance journey, Sign Up Here to join our Break Nutrition community and find a few good allies!

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